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This idea came, as most good things do, as a spur of the moment decision. I had always wanted to see the American South, so when my partner Ashley asked me to drive her new car from Vancouver to Toronto with her we opted to take a 10,000 km scenic route instead. Good way to break in a car right?
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spirit of the west adventures

This project was proposed to me on very short notice, and before I knew it I was flying out to a remote area off the northwestern coast of Vancouver Island. This area is incredible and certainly left a mark on me. Watch the video.

We are a video and documentary film production company.

We enjoy working in difficult and hard to reach locations

(as well as the studio).


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The rivers that flow into the eastern side of James and Hudson Bay have a certain allure to paddlers worldwide. They are very remote yet relatively accessible, they are wild, and their flows can be absolutely massive. Some of this changed when Hydro Quebec began diverting rivers in the area to feed their hydro projects, but much remains the same. Learn More and Watch Film.

nine rivers

NINE RIVERS follows four men on a month-long, thousand kilometre canoe journey through the Canadian shield. Share the hardships and splendor of the North on this journey to Hudson Bay. Learn More and Watch Film.


in development

keepers of the trail

Set for release in 2016, Keepers of the Trail is a film about a traditional winter travel expedition on the frozen headwater of the famed Missinaibi River in Northern Ontario. The film examines the fringe traditional lifestyle and viewers as legendary traveller Garrett Conover passes on the torch to those he inspired. Learn More.

john hartman: the process

COMING SOON! This feature documentary is in the post stage.

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 Another shot of Neil Liskie. Potter, athlete, and underground legend of the ski traverse world. He and three friends were the first to complete the Great Divide Travers from Jasper to Lake Louise, AB. Neil is part of an upcoming documentary project that touches on this journey, though not as you may think. #hayfire #greatdivide #skitour #travelalberta #rockymountains  Well folks, here it is, New Orleans, Louisiana. It's a long drive from New Mexico to the Gulf Coast but completely worth it, if even just for the street music alone. #NOLA #NewOrleans #streeetmusic #hayfire #GetOutThere
 These hands belong to a man that one day decided to ski from Calgary to Squamish without a map or a tent for much of the route. He was in his fifties when he did this. Don Gardner didn't come up with some grand reason for doing this, he just wanted to do it. #hayfire #greatdivide #skitour #travelalberta #rockymountains #theprocess #blackdiamond #legend #traverse #mountaineer #dongardner  This is a wild horse, one of many roaming the plateau at Mesa Verde. Hard not to get Mick Jagger's voice stuck in your head when you see these. #mesaverde #findyourpark #nationalparks #hayfire #GetOutThere
 Neil Liskie. Potter, athlete, and underground legend of the ski traverse world. He and three friends were the first to complete the Great Divide Travers from Jasper to Lake Louise, AB. Neil is part of an upcoming documentary project that touches on this journey, though not as you may think. #hayfire #greatdivide #skitour #travelalberta #rockymountains  Mesa Verde is a truly incredible sight. People told us we would be fine with only a couple hours there, but we stayed until every last bit of sunlight left the sky. The Pueblan people built these dwellings on the underside of the sandstone cliffs up very high on a plateau in Southern Colorado. These sites are astounding to me from both a archeological and geologic point of view. #findyourparks #nationalparks #mesaverde #colorado #fourcorners #hayfire #GetOutThere
 Sometimes a moment catches you off guard and you can't do much more than stare in awe. This Orca swam within two feet of me and I was so surprised that I barely snapped this frame. As it swam past us it turned playfully on its side as if to say "Hello, human." Quite an experience, and one that you can't legally chase. #hayfire #pacificwild #orca #killerwhale #johnstonestrait #bcwild #explorebc with @spiritofthewestadventures  Dropping off the cattle at the winter range. #hayfire #utah #GetOutThere
 We were sitting still with the engine of our borrowed 16ft Boston Whaler turned off when this family of Orcas decided to change course and swim straight towards us. It's important to give them space, but in this case they decided to come take a look. #hayfire #pacificwild #orca #killerwhale #johnstonestrait #bcwild #explorebc with @spiritofthewestadventures  Some of you may be wondering why we left out the Grand Canyon when moving from Nevada to Utah, but of course I just hadn't had time to upload a photo. We arrived at the South Rim not long before sunset and spent the next few hours walking right along the rim as the sun went down and a nearly full moon came up. Besides the obvious beauty in this time of day we are also learning that we can avoid the crowds by staying out into the night. #findyourpark #hayfire #grandcanyon #getoutthere
 This killer whale was making it's way down the inside passage of Vancouver Island toward #robson bite. #hayfire #pacificwild #orca #killerwhale #johnstonestrait #bcwild #explorebc with @spiritofthewestadventures  We've spent so much time meandering throughout the Colorado Plateau visiting the many attractions and parks. It seams that around every corner there's something new to see in this ever-changing landscape. This was a random little mountain at an un-named rest stop somewhere in beautiful Utah.
 Those who study these amazing creatures would be able to identify this male killer whale based on the characteristics of its dorsal fin. All I know is that it's swimming southeast down the Johnstone Strait towards #robsonbite This was a pretty special moment. #hayfire #pacificwild #orca #killerwhale #johnstonestrait #bcwild #explorebc  Zion National Park. #getoutthere #hayfire #findyourpark #nationalparks
 The cows were excited for the winter range and @aicha1127 was excited for the Utah cows. #hayfire #happycows #utah  Arches National Park just outside of Moab, Utah. This is yet another incredible and unique area on the Colorado Plateau. It's convenient that all these natural wonders are concentrated in such a small geographic area. Winter has arrived down here and we'll soon head south to Texas to continue this meandering route. #findyourpark


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HAYFIRE MEDIA is the collective work of Director and Cinematographer David Hartman and his collaborators. Hayfire is based out of Toronto, Ontario, but we are well-travelled road warriors. New ideas and projects are always welcome. Read More.