HAYFIRE MEDIA is a video and documentary film production company.


The Work

Who can resist a good story?

And that’s the idea behind the work at HAYFIRE, telling good stories.  Whether it’s a short promotional video or an expedition documentary the goal is always to show what makes that person, that business, or that journey unlike any other.  The end result is a handcrafted video that is unlike any other.

Each project benefits from a unique and custom approach. Ranging from one shot live music videos to well thought out promotional pieces, the work all features the Hayfire style, combining compelling cinematography and strong sound design to create whatever feeling you’re after.

HAYFIRE MEDIA is the collective work of Director and Cinematographer David Hartman and his collaborators.  Hayfire is based out of Toronto, Ontario, but we are well-travelled road warriors.  New ideas and projects are always welcome.