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A friend asked me recently what the single thing that drives my work is. Hard question. I started rambling and then suddenly paused. He said, “I think your work is all about trying to get people to see the world as the same incredible and beautiful place that you do.” We’ll go with that.

Now this is the part where we write about ourselves, right?

David Hartman is a (minor) award-winning director, cinematographer, and photographer who looks to create a story with a strong voice, a story that lets the viewer enter the space we’ve created for them. He spent his early days in film toiling over short documentaries and brings this eye for a story to every project, from sponsored content to advertising spots. He thrives with a small team and likes to work in challenging and remote environments, as those tend to be the most rewarding and beautiful. He takes himself lightly and his work very seriously. He works with a team of very skilled individuals, adapting it to suit the project each time.

New ideas are always welcome.
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i: haystac_hartman
f: Hayfire Media

With Dave Marrone on the 1928 (2013) ‘Keepers of the Trail’ Expedition.