Lake Nipissing
Ontario Tourism Shoot
Summer 2017



The traditional promo video is dead. It had a good run, but these days people want something more. They want a story, they want emotion, and they want something that feels genuine.

At Hayfire we believe that each project deserves special attention and we strive create something fresh each and every time. We are constantly evolving our craft as we blend elements of documentary storytelling with a visual style borrowed from narrative filmmaking. The work is known for evoking emotion and making people feel connected to the content. We all have something unique about our story, our job is to discover what that is and give it proper treament.

We are known for working in remote and difficult locations and embrace the opportunity to do so. We also love the studio.

Our office is in Toronto.

New ideas are always welcome.

David Hartman
705 543-0995
i: haystac_hartman
f: Hayfire Media


Demo Reel